Whiting Village School



APRIL 2014

Dates to Remember

2      Board Meeting, 3:30

3      8th grade to WA (Explore WA)

4 3rd     Ranking Period Ends

4, 11, 18 Outdoor/Hunter Safety                         (grades 4-8)

5      Spaghetti supper, dessert                 auction, raffle baskets                    5 p.m., Town Hall

16      PTC Meeting

18      Read-Aloud and Duck Hunt,             after lunch

21-25 Spring Break

28      Tooth Fairy (Mobile Dentist)

Whiting Village School is a HIGH PERFORMANCE REWARD SCHOOL!  See letter below.


About Us and Our School and Web Site.....

Welcome to the Whiting Village School website. This site is just one more way we hope to keep in touch with parents, former students, and community members.  Whiting Village School is a very small school in rural coastal Washington County, Maine that uses a multi-age model allowing younger and older students to learn together.

Whiting Village School, Whiting, ME

Please feel free to stop by the school and visit us. We are always pleased  to hear from parents, former students, and the community.

.Whiting Village School was established in 1825 with the main part of the current building  constructed about ten years later.  Additions and amenities were added through the years creating an eclectic style of hardwood floors and high-speed internet.

Our school many years ago


Please check out the various links to some of our forms, calendars, and other bits of information. 

 As always, please contact the school with any questions.

Scott A. Johnson

Teaching Principal

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