Student News from the Whiting Village School

Fire Safety Day:

On September 16th, Whiting School took an interesting field trip to Edmunds School to get some fun tips about how to prevent a fire from happening. There were firefighters telling us about how they help us when we are in danger.  The fire department gave us many fascinating presentations on several subjects. The first one that we stopped at was a station telling us how to prevent a fire. Then we learned how EMT'S put an injured person on a backboard. Also we learned about the “jaws of life” which are really cool! We saw some cool women firefighters. I liked to ride in the high angle rescue board. But, our favorite was the smoke room! It was so scary and so fun all wrapped up in one! We had to crawl through a mist filled room on our hands and knees through different objects. We didn't want the fun to end. Whiting will never forget this experience, and we hope to go back next year.                                                          by Lauren

Rain Rain Go Away

On Friday another rainy day precipitation 60% humidity 77% and it is overcast. It has been raining for four day and it rained over 4 inches.
Sunny from 
Saturday to Tuesday from temperatures to 57 to 61 I hope it stops raining before Halloween.       by Sadie


For students:  Faith 11/4, Melach 11/6, Lauren 11/8, Antonio 11/13, Abby 11/15, Tyler 11/22, and Olivia 11/22.
 For teachers: Mrs. Mawhinney 10/27, Mrs. McGhie 11/13, Mr. Johnson 11/16.       by Melach

Health-o-ween Lunch:

On Halloween, the WVS lunch is going to have something strange: mummified pizza, spider eggs, vile veggie sticks, fangtastic fruit and monstrous milk. Does it sound tasty? Everyone will want to sink their fangs into this scary good lunch.              by   Abby

Harvest supper

The Whiting Village School is having a harvest supper on November 25, at the Town Hall in Whiting.  The students get to pick two people each to invite.  There will be delicious food and all kinds different pies that parents are being asked to make.  It is always so much fun to get together every year with the Whiting Village School family.                                                         by Chloe

Egyptian History

This month at WVS the 5th and 6th graders are studying Egyptian history.
Mr. Johnson assigned to write a report and a presentation about an Egyptian topic. The choices were pharos, mummies, deities, agriculture, hieroglyphics, Nile River, and pyramids.  The assignment is to find four or more sources on the web or books and then start your notes.   That’s all we have to do so far.              by Tyler

Plants in the Greenhouse:
This week I noticed that that a lot of herbs were growing well, including cilantro, basil, and dill. The one plant that is growing the best is the peas. The Simpson lettuce, parsnips, spinach, and beans still aren't growing. The ones that are still growing fine are the cherry tomatoes and turnip.

                                                                                by Antonio

The PTC is planning the Halloween party for late morning on Friday, Oct 31. This is an early release day for students with a noon time dismissal. The party is sure to be a Fantastic Event with a Spooky Lunch to add to the festivities.

As always, please contact the school with any questions or concerns.

Scott Johnson, Teaching Principal

About Us and Our School and Web Site.....

Welcome to the Whiting Village School website. This site is just one more way we hope to keep in touch with parents, former students, and community members.  Whiting Village School is a very small school in rural coastal Washington County, Maine that uses a multi-age model allowing younger and older students to learn together.

Whiting Village School, Whiting, ME

Please feel free to stop by the school and visit us. We are always pleased  to hear from parents, former students, and the community.

.Whiting Village School was established in 1825 with the main part of the current building  constructed about ten years later.  Additions and amenities were added through the years creating an eclectic style of hardwood floors and high-speed internet.

Our school many years ago


Please check out the various links to some of our forms, calendars, and other bits of information. 

 As always, please contact the school with any questions.

Scott A. Johnson

Teaching Principal

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