August 29, 2017

What a Summer!  School starts on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 for the year.  While most things remain the same, we have some exciting changes for our school.  Lisa Fochesato is full time at Whiting taking on the Title I duties and Visual-Performing Arts, personal fitness, and wellness.  Wesley Mawhinney and Anne Mcghie are splitting the Pre-K and K classes bringing their special skills to both groups.

Tim Carroll is our new bus driver and custodian taking over from Gary Bridgham who retired.     The timing of the bus route should remain similar to last year, but as student pick-ups have changed a little, some adjustments to the exact timing will occur.  Please be patient!

Whiting Village is now a provision 2 school for our lunch and breakfast program.  This means we do not collect lunch applications or lunch/breakfast monies from any student.  Adults will still have to pay! If a student takes only a milk or get a second one, they will have to pay for that.  

We will be continuing with the food pantry at school.  We are looking for a couple of adults willing to help a time or two each month to get food received and out to any in need.  Please contact Scott Johnson with any questions.

First day forms for this year will be coming home and will be available on the Forms and Doc page of this site by September 1st.

We are seeking adults to help the PTC continue the many special events and activities put on for the students!

As always, please contact the school with any questions or concerns!

About Us and Our School and Web Site.....

Welcome to the Whiting Village School website. This site is just one more way we hope to keep in touch with parents, former students, and community members.  Whiting Village School is a very small school in rural coastal Washington County, Maine that uses a multi-age model allowing younger and older students to learn together.

Whiting Village School, Whiting, ME

Please feel free to stop by the school and visit us. We are always pleased  to hear from parents, former students, and the community.

.Whiting Village School was established in 1825 with the main part of the current building  constructed about ten years later.  Additions and amenities were added through the years creating an eclectic style of hardwood floors and high-speed internet.

Our school many years ago


Please check out the various links to some of our forms, calendars, and other bits of information. 

 As always, please contact the school with any questions.

Scott A. Johnson

Teaching Principal

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