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Friday, September 19, 2014

The New Playground  -  Lauren

This summer, Whiting Village School got a fun new up-grade. A PLAYGROUND! The kids love it, including me. I asked Cort and Saphira what they thought of it, and they said, “I love it so much, and I love the monkey bars!”

I bet the PTC, Healthy Acadia, and the town of Whiting are all happy to hear that after the $8,300 dollars that they spent on it. Thanks for the help of Mr. Johnson (the principal) and his wife and son, Terri Woodruff, Branden and Adrian Garcia, Wyrick and Mike McCabe, Daisy Jo Jones, the Dinsmore's garage for storage, the Halls for excavation and sand. Thanks to donations (In Memory of Earl Myers and others) and grants received, this project got done. Whiting needed all the help they could gather, and they got it ready in time for the first day of school.

New Kids  -  Sadie

New kids are the people that you really don't know. Once you get to know them, they are really nice people like new pre-kers. This year we have 5 new pre-kers and one new kindergarten student. They are Saphira, Terra, Hudson, Phoebe, and Tegan in pre-K and Lexa in kindergarten. So if you see them, ask them if they like school and what is their favorite thing about school. I bet they will say recess, but the point is to make them feel welcome

The Greenhouse  -  Chloe 

Whiting Village School has a new greenhouse handmade by our own Principal, Mr. Johnson, and his son, John. We started the greenhouse with a grant from Healthy Acadia. Ms. Higgins is using this space for a variety of veggies that the lower grade planted. The variety of the veggies will be used for the student lunch.

SPORTS - Melach

The Whiting School has a cross country team. The team’s color is red, and they are trying hard. The people in track are Cort, Christian, Sydney Ph, Chloe D, Daisy, Daniela, Hailey, and Aeva. Kids in different grades run different numbers of laps. The track team runs laps around the playground, and they practice at Whiting and have meets at Jonesport. Go Team!

Lunch  -  Tyler

This week at WVS our lunch lady, Mrs. Hall, is cooking up a surprise in the kitchen. On Monday the 22nd we will have some yummy hamburger in gravy! On Tuesday the 23rd we are having corn chowder. Wednesday the 24th  cheese ravioli is coming our way! On Thursday the 25th we are going to have a chicken ranch wrap! Last but not least, on Friday the 26th WE ARE HAVING BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH. THIS ISN'T ANY NORMAL BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH. WE ARE HAVING FRENCH TOAST!

And that is the week's lunch from the WVS newsletter!

News from the office:

The school will be going to the James Farm in Charlotte after lunch on Friday, Sept. 26 for the annual Pumpkin Picking! Each student will be bringing home a pumpkin!

All families, relatives, and friends are invited to an Open-House at the school on Tuesday, September 30th, from 6:30 to 7:30. Come and see the school and the new greenhouse and playground, meet the teachers and other parents.

Students in grades 2 through 8 will be going to King’s Landing in New Brunswick on Friday, October 3rd as part of our studies in early settlement through the Civil War. We plan to return around 5:00 pm that evening. The students in Pre-K through grade one will remain at school and have a regular day  with normal dismissal and busing times.

Monday, October 13th  Columbus Day, - No School

Tuesday, October 14th is a teacher workshop day – No Students that day.

Whiting Village students will be participating with the students at Edmunds Consolidated on Oct 16th for fire safety. The Dennys River Fire Dept. will be sponsoring the event for both schools. The students in Pre-K to 4 will go in the morning, and the rest will go in the afternoon. More details will be provided as soon as final plans are made.

The PTC (Parent-Teacher Committee) will meet at 5:30 on Tuesday, Oct. 21st to work on plans for the fall events: Halloween Party, Harvest Dinner, Craft Day, and the Christmas Performances.

The PTC is planning the Halloween party for late morning on Friday, Oct 31. This is an early release day for students with a noon time dismissal. The party is sure to be a Fantastic Event with a Spooky Lunch to add to the festivities.

As always, please contact the school with any questions or concerns.

Scott Johnson, Teaching Principal

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Welcome to the Whiting Village School website. This site is just one more way we hope to keep in touch with parents, former students, and community members.  Whiting Village School is a very small school in rural coastal Washington County, Maine that uses a multi-age model allowing younger and older students to learn together.

Whiting Village School, Whiting, ME

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.Whiting Village School was established in 1825 with the main part of the current building  constructed about ten years later.  Additions and amenities were added through the years creating an eclectic style of hardwood floors and high-speed internet.

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 As always, please contact the school with any questions.

Scott A. Johnson

Teaching Principal

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