Winter carnival


DAY         THEME                   ACTIVITY (12:30, unless notes)

Monday, 9th:  Wear Your Pajamas Day!     Chubby Bunny Contest

Tuesday, 10th: Wild Alaska! (Frozen North) Outdoor Activities (Races, etc…)

Wednesday, 11th: Tropical Island Day!      Bubblegum Blowing Contest

Thursday, 12th:  Favorite Character Day!   Cracker Whistling

Friday, 13th:    Scary/Hairy Day!        Valentines Party &  Penny Carnival

Students will earn tokens for participating in the themes and activities.  These tokens can be used at the Penny Carnival where students can earn prizes.  Extra tokens can be purchased the day of the Penny Carnival for $0.25 each, or 5 for $1.00.  (Please do not send more than a dollar or two as we have limited time and tokens.)  Any money received will be used to help pay for this event.  


February 2015 

9 – 13        Spirit Week / Winter Carnival

10th           Outdoor activities 

11th           PTC meeting 5:30 PM

12th           School Board meeting  3:00 PM

12th          Snowshoeing, (Tent)

13th            Valentine’s Day Party  

                    and Penny Carnival

16th – 20th            Winter Break

23rd                 Return to School! (Originally a workshop day, but changed to a student day)                   


WVS Student Newsletter  Jan. 30, ‘15  
Winter Carnival
The week of the 8th of February is the funnest week of the year. It's winter carnival week. Monday through Friday the kids will be able to dress up and do fun games like chubby bunny, skiing and skating. Also a luau, ice fishing, and a penny carnival. There will be a notice that will go home.

                                                           By Chloe

Out playing in the snow at recess was amazing. We built snowmen, snow forts, snow ramps and snow tunnels. We also went sledding. We got so much snow on Tuesday and Wednesday  the 27th and 28th of January, we can dig under the snow. We found one of the picnic tables under the snow. Some of the kids dug under the tables and built a fort there. We plan to spend more time on it and play as long as the snow mounds are here. 
                                                                                - Melach

February 2015 
9th - 13th Winter Carnival
9th    PJ Day
10th  Alaskan Frontier Day
11th  Tropical Island Day
12th  Favorite Character Day
13th  Scary Hairy Day
16th - 20th Vacation                   
                                 By Antonio 

In the world of the upper grade room, there is some brand new instruments... UKULELES! So far, we are planning to have a spring concert, and we will show off our playing skills. So far we do not ,know which song we are going to perform, but we know how to play C,F, and G7. I asked Chloe Alley how she felt about the ukuleles and she says, “ I really like them and they are really fun to play.” She also says, “I’m considering getting one!” What a great experience we are having.                                
                                                         By Lauren

Last week 4-8th grades tested. The tests were to analyze what we know already. We had a couple difficulties with the tests because we are using a different program called Acuity at Home. The program had four different tests. Two language tests and two math tests. When we got done a test we could check over our answers, save and exit the test, or submit the test. Some of the tests were on computer and some were on paper. Most of us turned in our last test on a Friday. After that the 4-8th graders went back to a normal day.
HURRAY  -Tyler

Monday, Feb. 23rd, was scheduled as a workshop day.  Due to the number of snow days, we are changing that to a student day.  
Mr. Johnson

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