August, 16th, 2016

        As this summer starts to fade and the days shorten, we are working to get ready for another great year at the Whiting Village School.  We’ve made a few changes to the building and are trying to get things back in order!  We hope that you have enjoyed this warm, and quite dry, summer as we have.


Now for the inevitable….

The first day of school for students is Tuesday, September 6th!  The school calendar is below and on the forms and docs page.


As EUT has ended busing students to Whiting Village, our bus will pick up students living in Trescott along Route 189 after arriving at school with the Route One Whiting students.  This Yellow Birch Road/Trescott run should start about 7:55 A.M. and get back to school about 8:15.  Please be patient and ready a little early as we work out the exact timing. 


            In order to best serve the students, we have partitioned the room used by kindergarten into two rooms.  One part is for the 4 year olds – we expect 5- and the other for lower grade math and science.  We strive to provide the highest quality learning experiences for every student in every class and will assess and alter our practices to achieve such. 


A few reminders for returning families and information for new ones….

As long as the days stay so warm, students may wear shorts of appropriate length.  Open toes shoes, sandals, and the like are not allowed for safety reasons.  Sleeveless shirts/tops are similarly not allowed for safety.  As per policy, profane or vulgar sayings or graphics, depictions or advertisements promoting alcohol, tobacco, violence, or weapons are not allowed. 


            There will be a packet of forms coming home the first day with your student.  We ask that you complete the ones that need to be returned as soon as you can.  The emergency form, the authorization for pick up, and local field trip form should be returned the next day.  I will be posting the updated forms to the web site, www.whitingvillage.org soon.  If you want, you can download and fill them out ahead of time. 


            As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My email is sjohnsonwvs@msln.net.  The school phone number is 733-4617. 


We are looking forward to another great year!  It takes a Village to Raise a Child!


About Us and Our School and Web Site.....

Welcome to the Whiting Village School website. This site is just one more way we hope to keep in touch with parents, former students, and community members.  Whiting Village School is a very small school in rural coastal Washington County, Maine that uses a multi-age model allowing younger and older students to learn together.

Whiting Village School, Whiting, ME

Please feel free to stop by the school and visit us. We are always pleased  to hear from parents, former students, and the community.

.Whiting Village School was established in 1825 with the main part of the current building  constructed about ten years later.  Additions and amenities were added through the years creating an eclectic style of hardwood floors and high-speed internet.

Our school many years ago


Please check out the various links to some of our forms, calendars, and other bits of information. 

 As always, please contact the school with any questions.

Scott A. Johnson

Teaching Principal

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